I am fascinated in the way we, as humans, live in and fill space(s), both physical and psychological. With paint I playfully disembowel the anatomy of the domestic environment, gutting from the inside out.  By both focusing in on the domestic landscape, as well as pulling it apart, I explore the enigmatic dialogue between space, consciousness and the human psyche.


My paintings of domestic scenes exist far beyond bricks and mortar. Enclosing a hive of information, my domestic worlds are suggestive of the occupier. Riddled with objects that allude a past, present and future, I expose certain elements, and perhaps more importantly, conceal others. I play with the (dys)functionality of the home, and the presence of the home as a being within itself. By considering the spirit(s) of the home in both a literal and whimsical sense, my work suggests a shift between a physical and psychological presence. From a half-eaten polystyrene sandwich to an overflowing bathtub, I demonstrate the residual effects of domestic manifestations.


Blurring this line between the physical and the conscious, I investigate us as human-beings and/or wild creatures. These fleshy hybrids may smear across the scene, their surroundings extensions of themselves. A domestic landscape might spread across two large canvasses. Within them, vessels to other paintings might take the form of windows, stairs, and eerie passageways. I may smudge, squirt and squeeze paint directly from the tube. I may also spray, brush and smudge paint, using a range of utensils. 


My inner worlds are not physical but emotional, manifested through depth and sensation, reflected in us all as domesticated beings.